My Approvals/Tasks View

The My Approvals/Tasks View is your personal view. It shows all work you're involved with (work you created and work waiting on you to take action).
Wrangle App Home's "My Approvals/Tasks" View.


You can change the items listed in the table by clicking on the different filter buttons:
  • Tasks To Do: shows in-progress task lists that have an incomplete task assigned to you
  • Tasks I Made: shows any task list you created
  • Approvals To Do: shows in-progress approvals that are assigned to you, which you have not yet approved
  • Approvals I Made: shows any approval you created
  • More Options: gives you finer control over exactly what you want to show in the table

Item Table

Beneath the filters is the Item Table. This shows any items that match your current filter (e.g. Tasks To Do). You can click on the blue title of the item to open it in the Threads view on the side panel.