Suggest a Workflow

If you'd like to suggest a workflow to one of your colleagues in Slack, you can use the "Suggest a workflow" message shortcut. The "Suggest a workflow" shortcut is great for highlighting a specific workflow to someone who isn't yet familiar with Wrangle. For example, if you have an expense reimbursement workflow and see a question in Slack about how to submit an expense report, you can use the shortcut to send the commenter a direct link to start the workflow.

To suggest a workflow, open the "More actions" menu on a comment, then choose "Suggest a workflow." Then, select the specific workflow you're like to suggest.

The original commenter will see a reply from Wrangle that directs them to complete your intake form and launch the workflow. Once they launch the workflow, Wrangle will create a new comment with a link to the workflow thread where the requester can follow along.

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