Troubleshooting Your Zap

Use this guide to troubleshoot common errors and ensure your Wrangle integration runs smoothly

Once you've created your Zap, we recommend closely monitoring your Zap history for errors. Sometimes the test data you used while setting up your Zap isn't fully representative of your actual production data, and you may find that unaccounted-for errors crop up over time.

By keeping a close eye on your Zap after publishing it, you can catch and resolve any potential errors early. Below we'll walk you through some common issues to look out for.

Common errors when connecting Wrangle

Error MessageHow to Resolve

Invalid API key or Workspace ID.

Check that your API key and Workspace ID match your login details here.

Common errors when Wrangle is the trigger

Error MessageHow to Resolve

This workflow has been archived, so you cannot use it in Zaps.

Once a workflow has been archived, it cannot be used again until it's been restored.

Common errors when Wrangle is the action

Error MessageHow to Resolve


This can be a number of issues, but a good starting point is to ensure you have a valid ID in the "Slack User ID of user starting this Workflow" field. If you belong to multiple workspaces, make sure the ID in this field matches a user in the correct workspace and that they have at least the Requester permission.

Required field "Slack User ID of user starting this Workflow" (requesterId) is missing.

If you're using a variable from a previous Zap step to populate this field, make sure it is a valid Slack ID, not a username or email address. If your trigger does not populate a Slack ID, you may need to add a Slack action to find the appropriate ID.

Your input must be a string or number.

Make sure the variables you're inserting from a previous Zap step are formatted the same as your Wrangle form questions. For example, if your Wrangle form has a "Select a person" field, you'll need to insert a Slack User ID.

The value you provided is not one of the options in the list.

A value was sent to a list question in your Wrangle intake form that does not match one of your list options. If you're using an external form to fill out your Wrangle form via Zapier, make sure both forms have matching list options.

Other common issues

IssueHow to Resolve

All your Wrangle timestamps include "Coordinated Universal Time"

Set your timezone in your Zapier account settings, or use a formatter step in your Zap to change the date format.

Your Wrangle step only identifies users by their Slack ID, but you need to use their name or email address.

Add a "Find User" Slack action to your Zap. If Wrangle is your trigger and you want to convert the user ID to a name/email address, use the "Find User by ID" action. Zapier will check Slack for the user matching that ID and return data like their username and email address. If Wrangle is your action and you want to convert an email address to a user ID in order to kick off the workflow, use the "Find User by Email" Slack action. Zapier will check Slack for the user matching that email address and return data like their Slack ID.

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