Post a Workflow To Different Channels

If you have multiple groups that need to use your workflow, you might want to post in one channel for one group and in another channel for the other group. Wrangle has you covered.

To set this up, we'll add a question to our intake form where the user can select a channel. Then we'll set up Wrangle to use the answer to that question to dynamically decide where to post this workflow. That way, each time the workflow is run, the user starting the workflow controls which channel the workflow steps are posted in.

Adding a "Select a Channel" Question

First, we need to modify our intake form to add a "Select a Channel" question. For these instructions, we'll assume you're editing an existing workflow, but it works the same way if you're designing a new workflow.

  1. Go to the My Workflows view in the Wrangle App Home.

  2. Find the workflow you want to update and click "View Workflow."

  3. Click the "⚡️ Edit Workflow Steps" button to open the Workflow Design view.

  4. Click the "✏️ Edit Step" button underneath the intake form step to open the "Set Up Your Intake Form" view. You should see all of the form questions you've set up for this intake form.

  5. Scroll to the very bottom and click "➕ Add Question"

  6. We want this question to be a "Select a Channel" question type so that the user can decide where this is posted. You can give the question any name you want, like "What team channel do you use?" or "Where do you want this to be posted?" Finally, make sure that the question is required, not optional.

  7. Save the form step and save the subsequent screen asking you which question will have a unique value. You should be back at the list of steps in your workflow.

Configuring Steps to Post to Different Channels

Now that we've added a "Select a Channel" form question, we need to set our steps to use it. You'll need to repeat these instructions for each Step in your workflow:

  1. When viewing the list of steps in your workflow, click the "✏️ Edit Step" button next to the second step in your workflow.

  2. Look for the the question "How do you want to choose where this step is posted?" It's near the top for task list steps and near the bottom for approval steps.

  3. You want to change this from "Pick a Specific Channel" to "Let Users Pick Channel Via Form"

  4. You should now see a new question appear beneath that says "Which form question determines where to post this step?" Make sure you have the form question you saved above selected.

  5. Save the step

  6. Repeat for all other steps in your workflow and save a new version of your workflow.

Using Your Form Question to Control the Workflow

Now that you have everything set up, let's test your workflow.

Start your workflow and fill out the intake form. The channel you pick in the intake form will now control where the workflow's steps are posted!

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