Workflow Report

The Workflow Report shows you key KPIs about your workflows. See trends in your workflow volume, including average and median time to completion, and find out who your top requesters are.
Both workflow admins and observers have permissions to view reports.
To find the report for a specific workflow, open the Workflow Dashboard, then choose "Report" in the top menu:
Your workflow report will include:
  • Instance Volume (past 9 weeks)
  • Top Requesters (past week)
  • Instances Created (over 8-week average)
  • Instances Completed (over 8-week average)
  • Average Workflow Completion Time (over 8-week average)
  • Median Workflow Completion Time (over 8-week average)
Use workflow performance trends to see how efficiently your team is closing out requests over time.
The Workflow Report requires at least eight weeks of instance data in order to effectively display trends.
If you want to see the data that these KPIs are based on, export your workflow history for the full dataset.