Smart Replies

Lower your agents' workload and resolve issues faster using keyword-based smart replies.

Smart replies are currently a beta feature. Contact if you're interested in becoming a beta tester.

Smart replies are prepared answers that Wrangle can use to automatically respond to common requests.

Setting up smart replies

Once you've contacted the Wrangle team to enable smart replies in your account, visit Prepared Replies in your inbox settings menu, then open the "Smart Replies" tab.

Then, toggle on "Enable Smart Replies" and click "Add Reply" to create your first smart reply.

You can add multiple keywords or phrases separated by a line break, as well as a reply that will be sent every time one of those phrases is used in your inbox channel.

Smart replies in Slack

Whenever a user sends a message to your inbox channel with one of your keywords or phrases, Wrangle will send your prewritten reply, as well as a link to start a ticket if help is still needed.

If you also have AI ticket deflection enabled, Wrangle will first look for your smart reply keywords. If none are found, then it will look for an answer in your help documents and attempt to formulate an AI response.

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