Workflow Dashboard

Use the Workflows page to see all your active and archived workflows, and see at-a-glance how many instances of each workflow are in progress.

Find the Wrangle web app by clicking on "Workflow Dashboard" from your My Workflows view in Slack.

Not seeing some of your workflows? Workflows built using the Slack Workflow Builder will not be visible in the Wrangle web app. Contact us to discuss migrating your workflows to the Wrangle Workflow Engine.

Click any workflow to see a fully filterable view of all instances of that workflow:

Use this workflow page to:

  • Sort by Newest, Oldest, or Status

  • Search for any instance of the workflow by name

  • Filter by Status, Assignees, whether the instance is Late, and the Created By user

  • Edit your workflow settings and design

Find bottlenecks and act on them by clicking the workflow instance name, which will open the instance view.

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