Ticket Deflection

Lower your agents' workload and resolve issues faster using AI-powered ticket deflection.

Ticket deflection is currently a beta feature. Contact support@wrangle.io if you're interested in becoming a beta tester.

How it works

First, upload relevant documentation to your inbox. This should contain answers to common questions you get in this inbox; for example, documentation for HR inboxes might include benefits information, your employee handbook, and instructions for accessing your company's HR portal. Wrangle's AI reads your documentation and looks for an answer whenever new questions are submitted to your intake channel. If Wrangle finds an answer, it will reply to the requesters with a summary of its findings, links to the relevant documentation, and the option to either close the issue or open a ticket.

If Wrangle doesn't find an answer, it will automatically open a ticket.

Requirements for ticket deflection

Ticket deflection is a paid feature. Contact us at sales@wrangle.io, or reach out to us over live chat here to discuss adding it to your Wrangle account.

Additionally, your inbox must have automatic ticket creation enabled in a public channel.

Finally, you'll need PDF documents containing answers to common issues your team resolves.

Configuring your inbox automations

Once you've contacted the Wrangle team to enable ticket deflection in your account, the next step is to configure your inbox automations. Open your Inbox Settings, navigate to the Automations tab, and make sure the "Turn new channel messages into tickets automatically" option is selected as your ticket creation method.

Then, open the AI Ticket Deflection tab in your inbox settings, and use the toggle to enable AI ticket deflection.

Uploading your documents

If you have your documentation in a knowledge base or wiki, you'll first need to export any relevant articles or pages as PDFs. If your knowledge tool does not include an export-to-PDF option, you can copy and paste the page contents to a Google Doc or Word document, then save that as a PDF.

Once your PDFs are ready, navigate to your Inbox Settings, open the AI Ticket Deflection tab, then click Add Documents. You can add up to 25 documents, as long as none of them exceed 10MB. If you need to edit a document, you can delete it from your inbox and upload the updated version.

How tickets work with deflection enabled

Once ticket deflection is enabled and your help documents have been uploaded, Wrangle's AI will start attempting to answer questions as they come in.

When Wrangle finds a match in your documentation, it will reply to the requester's message with both a summary of its answer, as well as links to the corresponding documentation. It'll also ask the requester whether their question has been answered, or if they'd like to open a ticket.

If the requester selects "Yes, this answered my question" Wrangle will not open a ticket. If the requester selects "No, start a ticket" Wrangle will open a ticket directly within the thread.

When Wrangle cannot find a match in your documentation, it will immediately open a ticket.

Future of the Wrangle ticket deflection beta

We'll continue expanding ticket deflection throughout the beta period and beyond. Upcoming enhancements include reporting on success rates, deflection support for tickets created from a message shortcut, knowledge base integrations, and more! To join the beta, email us at support@wrangle.io.

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