Due Dates and Reminders

When you have time-sensitive work in your workflow, you can set a due date on any step of your workflow.

There are two types of reminders you can set up: late reminders that start relative to when the step posts to Slack, and reminders that start before or after a specific date. Enable either of these options using the "Remind assignees if they take too long" toggle when designing your workflow.

Late reminders

With late reminders, the due date is relative to when the workflow step was posted to Slack (for example, assignees might have three days to complete the work). These relative due dates can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, four hours, or any number of weekdays from the time the step was posted.

If assignees haven't completed the step they're assigned to, Wrangle will automatically remind those people that they're now late on the work. If they still haven't completed it, Wrangle will keep nagging them every few days.

Due dates using forms

If your workflow includes a date question in a form, you can use it to schedule reminders either before or after the chosen date.

To set up due dates on a step with reminders enabled, select "Before or after a specific date," create your reminder schedule, and choose the date form question you'd like to use to set your due date.

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