Setting up Your Inbox

Wrangle inboxes and tickets are currently a beta feature.
To set up a new inbox, visit here and click "Create Inbox." Name your inbox, select a channel where you'd like new tickets to be posted, decide how you'd like tickets to be created and assign agents who will claim and resolve tickets.
You'll have two options for ticket creation: create tickets manually, or turn new channel messages into tickets automatically.
  • Create tickets manually: tickets can only be created from a message or from our Slack shortcut.
  • Turn new channel messages into tickets automatically: not only will every new message in the channel of your choice become a ticket, but you can create tickets manually as well.
You'll also have the option to set up form fields for your tickets if you want to capture more than just a description of the issue when new tickets are opened.
We recommend having a dedicated help channel for your inbox, as opposed to adding it to a broad, companywide channel like #general. For example, your channel might be called something like #ask-hr, #it-support, or #facilities-help. We recommend encouraging your colleagues to use this channel to ask questions, because your agents will be able to turn those questions into tickets.
Currently, the inbox channel cannot be edited, so be sure to choose the correct channel at setup.