Using a Workflow
Here's what it's like for one of your colleagues to use a Wrangle workflow you've created:

Pick a Workflow to Start

From anywhere in Slack, a user clicks in the Search Bar at the top of the Slack window and searches for "Wrangle" (or they use the "/wrangle" slash command). They'll see the "Start a Workflow with Wrangle" shortcut.
When they click the shortcut, Wrangle will pop open a list of all the workflows in your company, so they can pick which workflow they want to start (e.g. "Employee Onboarding").
Choosing a workflow to start

Fill Out the Intake Form

As soon as the user picks a workflow to start, they're presented with an intake form, because there's always data to collect to provide context for the rest of the workflow.
When you design your workflow's intake form, you specify which fields you want to collect from your users. Here's what a finished intake form might look like:
When you start a workflow in Wrangle, you first fill out the intake form.

Approvals and Task List Steps

Once the intake form is submitted, Wrangle routes the request through a series of approvals and task list steps. These steps are customizable for each workflow's use case.
For example, in a blog post publishing workflow, you might first route the draft post to a manager to review and approve in an approval step. Once approved, you might trigger a task list step to assign the post to get published onto the website and promoted on social media.
Approvals and task lists are posted to a thread in a Slack channel, so your team can make use of all of Slack's collaboration features. They'll get notified like any other message that @-mentions them, and they can chat with each other about the request in the Slack thread.
A workflow approval step posted to a channel.

Closing the Loop at the End

As your approval and task list steps get completed, Wrangle will notify the original requester of the workflow's progress. Once all the steps are done, the workflow is done.

Video Demo: Using Wrangle Workflows

If you'd like to see what it's like to kick off a Wrangle workflow, check out this video demo.