Ticketing for Slack Connect

Learn how to leverage ticketing for your Slack Connect collaborators.

If you work with customers, vendors, or contractors via Slack Connect, you can use Wrangle to raise tickets for your external collaborators and provide them with the transparency they need about the status of their requests. By enabling ticketing for Slack Connect, you can ensure nothing slips through the cracks, measure and improve your team's resolution time, and increase customer satisfaction.

Enabling ticketing for Slack Connect

There are two main ways to enable ticketing for a Slack Connect channel: set it as the inbox channel where your agents will work on tickets, or set it as the intake channel while your agents manage tickets in a separate inbox channel.

In either option, your agents can manage tickets from Slack and on the web, just like with any other inbox.

On the web, you can identify which tickets and comments are from a Slack Connect user by the user's avatar. Slack Connect users' avatars include their workspace icon in the bottom right corner.

The Wrangle Pro Plan includes ticketing for five Slack Connect channels, with the option to add additional channels for $5/month apiece.

Using a Slack Connect channel as your inbox channel

To get started, select your Slack Connect channel under "Which Slack channel should be used for creating and working on tickets?" in either the first step when creating a new inbox, or in the inbox settings for an existing inbox.

You can use both manual ticket creation and automatic ticket creation for an inbox set up this way.

How requesters track their tickets

Since your Slack Connect channel is also the inbox channel, requesters will be able to see their own ticket threads in the channel, as well as any other tickets created in the channel.

Whenever your team sends ticket updates, either directly from the thread or via the Wrangle web app, the requester will be notified under "Threads" in their Slack sidebar.

Using a Slack Connect channel as your intake channel

To get started, enable automatic ticket creation in your inbox automations, then add your Slack Connect channel under "Which Slack channel(s) should turn messages into tickets?"

You can select multiple Slack Connect channels here to send tickets from multiple customers, vendors, or contractors to a single, unified inbox.

How requesters track their tickets

Because your Slack Connect channel is only used for creating tickets, requesters will not see any ticket threads in the channel. They'll instead receive ticket updates in the "Messages" tab of the Wrangle Slack App, which will appear in the "External Connections" section of their Slack sidebar.

External requesters can comment in the DM thread to send updates to your inbox agents, and vice versa.

Because your Wrangle instance is only installed in your Slack workspace, Slack Connect users will not be able to view the "Home" tab of the Wrangle Slack App. This includes external users who have Wrangle installed in their own workspace; they'll have full access to their own Wrangle Slack app, but only limited access to yours via the "External Connections" section of the sidebar.

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