Wrangle Help Docs

What is Wrangle?

Wrangle is an app that helps you manage recurring workflows and ticketing in your Slack channels.

With Wrangle, you can tame the chaos of Slack and organize requests for your team's help. Instead of @channel requests and DMs, you gather requests using intake forms. Then, Wrangle routes any number of approvals or tasks to your team to process each request.

Wrangle gives you comprehensive monitoring views of the workflows in progress so nothing falls through the cracks. And it's all done in Slack, where your team is already `collaborating.

How to Get Started

The best way to manage common, repeatable requests and business processes is by using Wrangle workflows. Or, if you get a lot of inbound requests that don't fit within a repeatable process, you can use a Wrangle inbox to manage tickets.

Check out our Wrangle Webinars playlist for a high-level overview of both workflows and inboxes.

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