Recipe: Send your intake form data to Google Sheets using Zapier

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Ingredients needed:

  • Edit access for your Wrangle workflow

  • A spreadsheet in Google Sheets where you'd like to pass your Wrangle form data

  • A Zapier account

While Wrangle includes both a workflow dashboard and a CSV export, you might find that you'd like a bit more flexibility in your reporting, like being able to analyze specific values from your intake form or form steps. You can easily create an automation that sends each workflow instance's form values to a Google Sheet using Zapier. Let's start with your spreadsheet. Your sheet should include column headers that correlate to your form fields. You can also include columns for requester name, workflow started date, and workflow completed date. For example, if this is our Wrangle form:

Then our column headers in Google Sheets will look something like this:

Now we're ready to start building our Zap.

If you haven’t already connected Wrangle to your Zapier account, follow these instructions.

Set up your Wrangle trigger

In Zapier, create a new Zap, and in the "Select a Trigger" modal, search for "Wrangle."

Choose "Workflow Completed" as the Trigger Event, then choose your Wrangle account to continue setting up your trigger.

Under "Set up trigger," choose the workflow whose data you'd like sent to Google Sheets, then click "Continue."

You'll then be prompted to test your trigger.

Set up your Sheets action

In the Action modal, choose "Google Sheets" under "App Event."

Under "Action Event," choose "Create Spreadsheet Row." This will add a new row of data for every instance of your workflow. Then, connect your Google Sheets account and continue.

Under "Set up action" find your spreadsheet and worksheet where you'd like to start sending your workflow data. Then, under each of your column headers, insert the corresponding Wrangle form field as a variable. Your finalized action should look something like this:

Finally, test your Sheets action. You should see a new row in your spreadsheet like this:

You're ready to turn on your Zap!

Optional Step for "Select a Person" intake form questions

If your intake form has a "Select a person" question like our "Manager" question in the above example, you'll notice that their alphanumeric Slack ID is what's passed from Wrangle to Sheets. You can add an action between your Wrangle trigger and Sheets action that looks up the Slack user by their ID, which will then let you pass either their display name or email address to Sheets instead of their ID.

Adding a second action to a Zap requires a paid Zapier plan. "Select multiple people" and "Select a channel" form questions also pass alphanumeric IDs, but Zapier does not have an option to convert them to a more legible name.

To set this up, add a new action after your Wrangle trigger and before your Sheets action, and select Slack.

Under "Action Event," select "Find User by ID," then choose your Slack account and continue.

In the "ID" field under "Set up action," insert your Wrangle form field with the "Select a person" question. If your "Select a person" question is required, you can answer "No" to "Should this step be considered a 'success' when nothing is found?" If it is optional, you can answer "Yes" to ensure the Zap continues to the Sheets action even when that question is left blank.

Finally, in your Sheets action step, find the column header that corresponds to your "Select a person" question, and instead of inserting the variable from the "Workflow Completed in Wrangle" step, you can instead insert a variable from the "Find User by ID in Slack" step. In this example, we've chosen the user's display name.

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