My Workflows

The My Workflows View is where you can monitor Wrangle Workflows that you are an administrator of. You can monitor work in progress, edit your workflows, and export their history.
Check out this video demo or read on to see how this works.

Viewing All Workflows

The default view in My Workflows is to show a list of all of the workflows that you're an administrator of (we'll learn more about workflow admins below).
Showing all workflows in My Workflows
On this view, there are three important capabilities:
  • You can create a new Wrangle workflow
  • You can see the total amount of in-progress Approvals and Task Lists on each workflow
  • You can view the workflow to see specific work items in progress, edit the workflow, and export its history

Viewing A Specific Workflow

If you click the "View Workflow" button next to a specific workflow in the list, you'll be taken to a page for that workflow.
Viewing instances of a specific workflow in Wrangle
This view has many important capabilities. You can:
  • Toggle the list to show either in-progress activity in your workflow, or all activity (which includes instances of your workflow that have completed — for example, already-onboarded employees in an employee onboarding flow).
  • Drill down on in-progress work by clicking the blue name of an approval or task list, which will open it on the side pane.
  • Edit your workflow's steps. When you edit the steps, you save a new version of the Workflow that will be used the next time someone starts your workflow.
  • Rename your workflow
  • Edit visibility, which is how you give permission to other users to monitor and edit the workflow
  • Export the history of the workflow as a CSV that you can analyze in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Open the Workflow Dashboard for even more filtering and sorting options.