Ticketing for Field Teams and Mobile Users

In this guide, we’ll cover best practices for using a Wrangle inbox when your requesters primarily work from mobile. While you can configure your inbox a number of different ways, we have some specific recommendations for reducing friction for your requesters on mobile.

Inbox setup

For the most seamless experience for your requesters, enable automatic ticket creation in your inbox settings, and don’t include any custom form fields. This ensures that requesters only need to add a message in your inbox channel in order to create a ticket. And to ensure they’re kept in the loop as you work on their ticket, enable requester notifications.

Creating and tracking tickets on mobile

Once you have your inbox ready with automatic ticket creation and requester notifications, your requesters just need to add a message to your inbox channel in order to submit their request. They’ll immediately see the Wrangle ticket show up in their threads, and if you’ve enabled requester notifications, they’ll also get a notification whenever an agent claims and resolves the ticket.

Requesters can see a list of all their tickets from the Wrangle Slack app. Rather than trying to hunt through the inbox channel or their threads for the ticket thread, requesters can simply open the app, scroll to “My Items,” and use the “Created by me” filter. They’ll get a list of all their tickets and can open any ticket thread directly to check the status, ask questions, etc.

We recommend that any Wrangle users, both agents and requesters, star the Wrangle Slack app to ensure it’s always visible from the Slack sidebar.

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