Task Lists

How Task Lists Work

Wrangle's task list functionality assigns people to complete a checklist of one or more tasks.

When Task Lists Are Considered Complete

A task list is composed of one or more tasks. The overall task list is considered complete when all of its tasks are marked as complete.

Launching One-Off Task Lists

Most task lists are launched via a Wrangle workflow for a recurring use case. But you can also start a one-off task list for work that comes up from time-to-time. For example, if you're working on a small project (outside of a workflow) you could create a one-off task list to assign different tasks to your colleagues.

You can launch a one-off task list in one of many ways:

  • There's a button on the Wrangle App Home page

  • You can use Slack's search bar and look for "Start a Task List with Wrangle"

  • You can use the Shortcuts menu by clicking the ➕ icon in the reply box and searching for "Start a Task List with Wrangle." Instead of clicking the icon, you can also type "/" in the reply box as well.

Editing Task Lists In Progress

If a task list has not been completed, you can edit any incomplete tasks. You can add/delete tasks, rename them, and change who is assigned to each. You can't remove tasks that are marked as complete.

Not everyone can edit an in-progress task list.

If the task list was created by a workflow, it can only be edited by people assigned to a task or by the Workflow's Admins.

If the task list is a one-off task list, it can only be edited by people assigned to it, or to its creator.

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