Managing Incoming Workflow Requests

If you've been assigned to complete work in a workflow, use this guide to learn how to manage requests as they come in.

There are several ways to manage the work you've been assigned from a workflow. In this guide we'll walk you through each of them.

  • Wrangle Slack app - Best for people who are frequently assignees on several distinct workflows, and who prefer working from Slack

  • Wrangle web app - Best for people who are frequently assignees on limited distinct workflows, and who prefer a "power user" dashboard

  • Slack notifications and threads - Best for people who are infrequently assignees and who prefer an "inbox zero" style of Slack usage

Watch our video below, or read on to learn more.

Wrangle Slack app - Starring the app

If you're assigned to multiple Wrangle workflows and prefer to work from Slack, the Wrangle Slack app is for you.

To manage your open items directly from Slack, we recommend using the Wrangle Slack app and starring it so it stays pinned in your sidebar. If it's not already in your sidebar, you can search Slack for "Wrangle" to find the app.

Then, to ensure Wrangle remains in your sidebar, you can open the Wrangle app menu, click the star icon, then move to "Starred."

Wrangle Slack app - Setting up and using filters

Once you've starred the Wrangle Slack app, you now have a one-stop shop for everything that's assigned to you.

Use the "My Approvals/Tasks" view to create custom filters of everything that needs your attention. Click the "More Options" button under the "Filters" subheading.

Use these filters to find open tasks or approvals that need your input, respectively:

If there are any outstanding items, you'll get a list of clickable links that go directly to the thread where you can take action.

Wrangle web app

If you prefer working from the web instead of Slack, you can use Wrangle's workflow dashboards to manage open requests. This works best if you're assigned to only a few workflows, as each workflow has its own dashboard and you'll need to check each one individually.

To get started, sign into the Wrangle web app here. At a glance, you'll be able to see how many instances are in progress for each workflow. For example, let's say in the example below you are responsible for both the "Employee Offboarding" and "Employee Onboarding" workflows. There are no in-progress instances for the offboarding workflow, but there is one in progress for the onboarding workflow, so you know right away to focus on onboarding.

Click on the name of the workflow you'd like to check to get to its workflow dashboard. Then, use the dashboard filters to find instances that are assigned to you.

Then, you can click on an instance to take action directly from the web.

Slack notifications and threads

Another way to keep up with the work you've been assigned is using your Slack notifications and unread threads. Every time you're assigned to a workflow step, you'll be at-mentioned in the Wrangle workflow thread, which will appear in your Threads counter.

If you're used to keeping your notifications at "inbox zero," then you can keep track of your assigned work by keeping an eye on your unread threads. But if you're looking for a dedicated spot in Slack to track those open requests, we recommend using the My Approvals/Tasks view in the Wrangle Slack app.

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