What is a Wrangle Inbox?

Think of Wrangle Inboxes as folders for related tickets. Any ticket is assigned to a certain Inbox, and each Inbox has a set of agents who can work on those tickets.

Why would I want multiple Inboxes?

Since Inboxes are different collections of tickets and agents, you might want different inboxes for:

  • Different teams

  • Different specializations

Inboxes for different teams

Different teams are going to want to see their tickets separately from those of other teams that might use Wrangle.

For example, you might have one Inbox called "IT Help Desk," with four IT analysts assigned as agents. IT-related tickets are funneled here for these agents to work on. Then, you might have a second Inbox called "HR Questions" for the HR team to manage their tickets.

Inboxes for different specializations

Even within one team, you might want different inboxes if members of the team work on different categories of issues.

For example, an IT team might have two agents that work on security-related questions. You might set up an Inbox for their tickets called "IT Security Help Desk." Then, the rest of the IT team might be part of a general Inbox for other kinds of IT issues.

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