How Forms Work

Wrangle's form step functionality assigns people to submit a form of one or more questions.

When Forms are Considered Complete

A form step is comprised of one or more questions. The overall form is considered complete when someone has filled out and submitted the form.

Editing Forms

After a form has been submitted, the person who completed it can go back and edit it. The form can be edited at any point while the workflow is still active; however, after the workflow has been completed, forms are no longer editable.

To edit a form in Slack, open the workflow thread, find the three-dot menu in the current workflow step, and click “Edit form data.”

Or, in the Wrangle web app, open the workflow dashboard, click on the instance you’d like to update, then click “Edit form data” on the “Forms” tab.

After your form has been edited, you'll see a message in the Slack thread letting everyone know which form was updated and by whom.

Reassigning Forms in Progress

If a form has not been completed, you can edit who's assigned to it.

Not everyone can reassign an in-progress form.

If the form was created by a workflow, it can only be reassigned by the current assignees or by the workflow's admins.

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