Recipe: Create a recurring workflow using Slack Workflow Builder

Use this guide to create a recurring, scheduled workflow using Wrangle and Slack Workflow Builder.

This integration is only compatible with the legacy version of Slack Workflow Builder (SWB). Starting in August 2023, Slack will begin migrating existing SWB workflows to their new version.

Ingredients needed:

  • A use case for a recurring, scheduled workflow. For example:

    • Daily opening and closing tasks for office managers or retail workers

    • Weekly timesheet approvals

    • Monthly KPI/OKR updates

  • Edit access for your Wrangle workflow

  • Access to Slack Workflow Builder (by default, all members in a paid workspace have access)

Let’s start with your Wrangle intake form. We recommend having only one question in the form called “Date” and setting it as a short answer question, not a “Select a date” question. Your form should look something like this:

The reason for only having a short-answer “Date” question is that unlike having a requester manually fill out an intake form for context, Slack Workflow Builder (SWB) will fill out your intake form programmatically.

The rest of your workflow can be customized to fit your needs with whatever approval and/or task list steps you’d like. Once you’ve saved your workflow in Wrangle, it’s time to finish building out your automation in Slack Workflow Builder.

In Slack Workflow Builder, click Create, then name your new workflow. Then, when prompted to choose how to start your workflow, select "Scheduled date & time."

Then, customize the start date, start time, and frequency of your recurring workflow:

Save your scheduled date and time settings, then click "Add step." On the "Add a workflow step" modal, search for "Start a Wrangle Workflow" and click "Add."

When setting up your Wrangle step, select a user who will be considered to be the person starting your workflow. This will be the "Created By" user in your workflow dashboard. Then, choose your Wrangle Workflow, and use "Time when workflow started" as the variable for your "Date" intake form question.

Now you're ready to publish your new workflow!

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