Monitoring and Managing Tickets

Wrangle inboxes and tickets are currently a beta feature.

Claiming and updating a ticket in Slack

Once a ticket has been created, agents can claim a ticket directly from the thread in Slack, either by replying in the thread, clicking "Claim it" or by updating the status.
Unclaimed tickets will say "Not assigned" and have the "New" status
If the ticket needs to go to a different team, agents can also click "Change inbox" to reassign it.
If a claimed ticket is moved to a different inbox, the status will revert to "New" and it will be unassigned.

Ticket statuses

  • New - The ticket has not yet been claimed
  • In progress - The ticket has been claimed and the agent is working on it
  • On hold - The ticket is on hold before it can be resolved
  • Resolved - The ticket has been completed with a resolution
  • Closed - The ticket has been completed without a resolution
Closed and completed tickets can be reopened at any time. If the requester replies to a ticket that's been resolved or closed, the ticket status will automatically revert to "In Progress."

Managing tickets on the web

To see all your tickets in one place, log in here, or click the "Workflow Dashboard" button in the Wrangle Slack app. By default, you'll see all tickets from all inboxes.
View all your tickets in one place to see what's in-progress and what's complete
From this view you can:
  • Sort by Newest or Oldest
  • Search for any ticket by keywords in its name
  • Filter by Inbox, Requested By, Assignee, and Status
  • Click on any ticket to respond directly to the thread
We sync comments between the Slack ticket thread and the Wrangle web app, so agents can work directly from the web app if they prefer having a single view of all their assigned tickets. Agents can also @mention users and format messages with bold, italics, and blockquotes, just like in Slack.
Any comments made from the web sync back to Slack, and vice versa.
If you set up your Wrangle inbox prior to March 2023, you will need to manually add Wrangle to your inbox channel in order to enable chat-syncing between the Wrangle web app and Slack. Learn more here.